23 enero, 2010

ARRL - in idea to consider

During our Hurricane Katrina I put out many stories about ham radio but one of the very BEST was a piece that I wrote one night about my own personal thoughts, what I saw and the people I met when I went down there myself. I wrote it after my first full day in the chaos and described the work of the hams I had met that day, what they were like and what they were doing. It was not really about radio itself but about the people, their hard work, dedication and even had some humor in it.

That writing was published in more places than anything else I did and changed the hams' response from being seen as just an activity to something very human and personal. It resulted in a lot more help coming because it changed the "flavor" and made it personal - real people that others could identify with and would be friends if they actually met them.

I wrote about the problems getting there, both big and small; things like all the rental trucks in the assembly areas and the spider webs of electric cables across their floors tripping me.

I invite you to write something like that for me. It is a personal type of writing, more like a diary than news reporting. Describe the people, thoughts, and other little things that will help make the good actions of the team there come alive to the readers. I know they are very good people - tell me about them, who they are, what is making them so dedicated. (Pictures are very good too!)

If you can do this, I think it would help a lot and I will try my best here to get their story out to the ham radio world.

If you cannot do it, I understand and it is OK. There is much to do and I appreciate your help in translations very much already. I know some German and French, but none of Spanish. My old college studies were actually in a form of ancient Greek! So, I appreciate your relays,

I hope to met you someday -
In the meantime, God Bless and know that you are doing the "right things" in helping others.

Allen w1agp